Wishlist Wednesday – July Edit

Wishlist Wednesday - July Edit | Style in a Small Town

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I don’t know if it’s the way I’ve been feeling or the hot humid summer that we’ve been having lately, but I’ve found myself pinning a lot of crisp blues, clean whites and neutral accessories. I saw this dress on fellow blogger Kendall and she looked amazing in it! I can’t believe it’s only $31!

I usually try to keep things pretty positive around here, but much like my styleboard, my mood lately has been pretty blue. In case you’re just joining us, about three weeks ago I was having a lot of pain in my left foot and couldn’t walk on it at all. So I went the doctor and they found a cyst on my heel that had caused my heel bone to weaken. I ended up having a stress fracture in my heel.

Well, a little update: Yesterday to went to my doctor to get my cast changed out (which I’ve done every week, it’s just a soft cast) and have x-rays taken to see how my heel was healing (no pun intended, promise!). Guess what, it’s actually gotten worse and my stress fracture is now a complete fracture! So, this morning I go in for an MRI to confirm this and also to determine if I need surgery, which will probably be next week. We had discussed the possibility of surgery to fix my cyst, but I was not expecting for my heel to get worse. 🙁 So now it’s going to be at least another 4-6 weeks, probably a hard cast and either crutches or a scooter. Can’t you hear the excitement in my voice?

I’m thinking about going for a second opinion, because I really haven’t been on it much in the last 3 weeks for it to break on it’s own. I wonder if maybe it was broken to be begin with and my doctor didn’t catch it? Who knows, but I’ll keep you updated as I get more info. So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately on social media, I just haven’t felt very creative or inspired. I’m sure I’ll get out of my funk sooner or later but until then I REALLY appreciate your patience, prayers and words of support!

As always, thank you for reading!

xoxo, Hillary