What To Wear To A Blogging Conference

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

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A few weeks ago I attended my second annual blogging conference with The Blog Societies. This being their 5th year hosting this conference, they switched it up and held it in Chicago! Some of you may remember last year when I went to this conference in Charleston, S.C.

Find Your Posse

Attending a conference can be a scary thing and I’ll be honest, I was so nervous last year. I was going completely by myself and literally knew no one! I had met my future roommate for the weekend through social media and was really excited to meet her, but other than that, everyone else was virtual strangers. She was the sweetest, by the way!

As with most times that you travel, you worry about your flight, will it be delayed? Will I miss my connecting flight? Will my bag be overweight? (OR maybe that’s just me!! Lol) But really my main concern was: what to wear to a blogging conference.

Since this was my second year attending the conference, I was a little LOT less nervous than I was last year. I met some amazing women last year at the conference and was so excited to catch up with them again this year! I’ve also “met” so many other bloggers through social media, our blogs and other blogger networks that it was like meeting up with an old friend, when we actually met in real life or IRL, as we internet nerds call it! LOL Having a group of girls that you can really relate to and bond with really makes going to these conferences a hell of a lot more fun!

Conferences tend to be very expensive, once you add up the travel, hotel, conference expense, etc. So you really want to get the most out of them as you can. Check out my friend Steph’s post, for other ways to get the most of out of a conference. She is one of the kickass ladies that I met through social media, then finally IRL. When you find your “people” you tend to feel more comfortable. And feeling more comfortable can also come from what you’re wearing.

3 Roomies #TBSCon Vera Bradley

#TBSCon at the Boarding House

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

Comfort Is Key

Last year I waay over packed and waaay over planned what I was going to wear. Mostly because I didn’t know what others were going to wear and I wanted to be prepared for anything. (Doesn’t everyone?!) I packed my most uncomfortable (but super cute!) heels, dresses, skirts and pieces that I’d never worn together, but thought were chic. While the clothes themselves weren’t really uncomfortable, I just felt like most of them weren’t really me, which made me uncomfortable. So the biggest thing that I learned is that comfort is key.

When planning what I was going to wear to this year’s blogging conference, I actually didn’t pack until the day I left! Don’t get me wrong, I had planned out in my head weeks in advance, but when it actually came down to packing, I ended up scrapping most of the in-my-head-looks, throwing in a pair of my favorite jeans, white jeans (always a good idea!), a few trendy tops, comfy heels ($28!) and some effortless dresses.

Full disclosure, I didn’t actually wear this outfit to the conference, but I did wear it out for dinner with a bunch of blogger girls at The Hampton Social (where the famous Rose’ All Day neon sign is from!) one night. We had an absolute blast!

Hot pink top ripped jeans donut wall

Full post coming soon!

The Hampton Social Rose' All Day

4 girls in stripes

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

romper, also loove this one! and here – both on sale for $27! // low block heels, only $28! // crossbody bag c/o // floral print jacket, less than $8!! // fitbit watch // sunnies

So as you can see, I’ve worn these heeled sandals quite a bit while I was at the conference. The lower heel is more comfortable yet still has a sexy vibe and the fact that they are only $28, is a steal!

If you have any questions about what outfits I put together, conference questions, etc. Please just shoot me an email at styleinasmalltown@gmail.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Hillary

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What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

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