Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + 3 Reasons Why I Shop There

You may have noticed over the last couple of years that I’ve started to do more of my shopping at Nordstrom. I will admit that it’s not a coincidence that I only really “discovered” it after becoming a blogger and following other bloggers. But I’ve come to realize, on my own, that there really is something to this store. I could go on forever about the reasons I shop at Nordstrom, but for today, I’ll give you my top three reasons why shop there.

Not As Expensive As You Think

There is a misconception that Nordstrom is all high-end designer pieces and that you need to be of celebrity- status to shop there. No worries, if you are part of the crew that believes this. Until about two years ago, I was in that group too. Being from pretty small towns, my whole life, I’d never lived near a Nordstrom and when I was little and we would go into Chicago to shop for Christmas, well everything seemed expensive! Growing up in small towns also did not give me access to a lot of store options, so I’ve learned how to (and enjoy it more) shop online. Not only because it gives me the opportunity to shop for pieces that people around me won’t have. But after years of working in retail, quite frankly it gives me hives to walk into a store sometimes! Lol Buut I digress…At this point, you’re probably wondering, ok will she get to it already? What are the three reasons that she shops at Nordstrom?

Reason #1

The first reason has already been discussed, a bit….that they really do have quite the selection of pieces that lower prices, yet still great quality items. You may remember these flats that I seriously wear almost every day? Well, I purchased them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (#NSale) last year. I also purchased this handbag, which, I’ve never spent that kind of money on a bag, but I use it every day and it’s still in excellent quality. I also bought it in a neutral color so that it would go with everything.

Reason #2: Prep For the Next Season

Most of the time when a store is having a huge sale, such as this, they are marking down pieces from that season to make room for the next season’s digs. The beauty of the #NSale is that they are actually marking down fall items to prepare you for the next season. I know, I know, it’s only July, but as sad as it is, summer will go away and the leaves will change and you’ll wish that you purchased that jacket or sweater because it was so cute and it’s definitely getting chilly and oh yah, it’s full price!

Reason #3: Did You Say Free?

The last and final reason I shop at Nordstrom is the best one of all! Repeat these words after me: FREE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS!! #iknowitscrazy I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. When I’m online shopping, at any online retailer, I always try to pay attention to the sizing charts. Most of the time they will provide you measurements for each size to help you decided which would fit you best. While Nordstrom does this some, if I’m in between sizes, I will buy two different sizes and since they have a free shipping and free returns policy, whichever one doesn’t fit, goes right back in the box and shipped back. This way I don’t have to wait to return the one that doesn’t fit and hope that they still have the size that I really need in stock.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + 3 Reasons Why I Shop There | Style in a Small Town


Not in my top 3 reasons to shop at Nordstrom, but a strong contender is their rewards and card programs. Nordstrom has three programs that you can sign up for to get rewards. You can sign up for a credit or a debit card or you can just sign up to get their rewards. But here is the main reason to sign up for a credit or debit card. The actually Anniversary Sale doesn’t start until July 22nd for the general public. But for those who are cardholders, both debit and credit, you get early access to shop! Trust me, you want early access! A lot of the really great deals go quickly at the beginning so having early access will get your foot in the door (so to speak) before others and allow you to shop the best items before they sell out. And trust me, sell out, they will! #nomercy

If you are already a cardholder, you have probably received the sale catalog. But for those of you who haven’t, you can check it out here. To help you prepare for the sale, I’ve circled a few of the pieces I have my eye on this year! These booties I’ve wanted for a long time and I’m so excited that they are going on sale! Same with these flats!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + 3 Reasons Why I Shop There | Style in a Small Town

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + 3 Reasons Why I Shop There | Style in a Small Town

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + 3 Reasons Why I Shop There | Style in a Small Town


Important Dates To Remember:

-Early Access: Starts 7/14 (THIS THURDSAY!)
-General Access: Starts 7/22
-Prices go back up: 8/8

Be sure to keep coming back, I’ll be rounding up the best of sales items and my favorites from the sale, often. You can also shop my favorites by going to my navigation bar and clicking on Favorite #NSale Picks! This will be updated often as well!

Are you pumped for the sale? I know, I am! Let me know what pieces you’ve had your eye on or are wanting to scope out!

As always, thanks for reading!

xoxo, Hillary

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