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Likes + Links Vol. I | Style in a Small Town


Hey guys! Happy Friday! I mentioned in an earlier post this year that I was going to be making some changes and had some fun things planned for this blog. While I don’t want to give everything away right now, I am excited to share with you a new series. I’ve mentioned before that before I became a blogger, I was a huge blog follower. I loved and still do, love to follow other blogs. I get inspiration, enjoyment out of them just as much as you do.

One of my favorite types of posts are ones that link to other content across the interwebs. It’s a great way to discover new blogs to follow, get a little more insight into what your favorite blogger is in to outside of their blog, what things interest them, make them excited, etc.

So today is the debut of my series much like the ones I described above. Likes + Links (thank you for the name, Tony!) featuring posts that I’ve read, things I’m loving, reading, hating, (that’s a strong word, but you get the idea!), can’t get enough of, getting too much of, you name it.

  1. For those of you who use a laptop, this one’s for you!
  2. My girl, Stephanie wrote this post that you should read if you’re a blogger!
  3. You may have seen me doing my hair like this more often, lately. This is a great tutorial by one of my favorite bloggers on how to recreate it yourself.
  4. For all you blogger boyfriends or “Instagram Husbands,” this will make you laugh!
  5. Came across these recipes the other day and it sure made me hungry.
  6. Another one for my blogger boyfriends and Instagram Husbands out there. Written by my blogger babe, Lee’s husband, this is a great post and has some really good tips!
  7. I just came across this the other day and thank goodness I’m not married yet, (never thought I’d say that! ;)) because I’m in LOVE with these dresses!! *heart eyes emojis*
  8. I bought this sweater the other day and have been wearing it nonstop! So comfortable! Seriously considering getting it in more colors.
  9. Speaking of wearing nonstop, I literally put this on the second it came in the mail and have thrown it on almost every night after work. I even did a blog shoot with it, (coming soon!)
  10. Did you guys see this post? I just think this is the coolest bag ever made aand at an amazing price too!

So what’d you think? Did you like this post? Do you want to see more of these? Leave me your suggestions in the comments.

As always, thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!

xoxo, Hillary

This post contains affiliate links. As always, thank you so much for supporting the brands that support Style in a Small Town

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  • Tiffani at Breton Bay

    I love this post…such a great idea to share these links!! I can’t wait to read about the wine pairing w GSC and cleaning out your closet!!


    • Aww thank you so much, Tiffani! xx

  • Amazing links! I read the post from Stephanie and I sure agree, thank you for sharing x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    • It was such a great post! Thanks for reading, Jessica! xx

  • I love when bloggers share fun links! Keep it up! xo

  • January

    Love the new series! Those blogger don’ts are so right on! Love it!

    • Haha I know, right! Thanks, January! xx

  • Natasha Massey Stoneking

    LOVING those blogger don’ts… i feel like it’s a good refresher for ALL of us 😉

  • Stacy Miller

    Love this idea, how fun. I still love your normal posts though, just sayin bae!

    • Thanks, babe and hanks for the feedback! xx

  • Dawn Princess Darnell

    Great post! I love it when bloggers share inspiration from other bloggers. The Instagramer Husbands was hilarious!

    • Thanks, girl! I love finding new posts and stuff that inspires me! I’m glad you liked it! xx

  • Loving all these links!!! super good.

  • Loved checking out all of your links! The blogging one and the Instagram husband ones are spot on!


    • Thanks, babe! I’m glad you enjoyed it! xx

  • Ashley Zeal

    Loving all the Instagram husband links!

    • Haha, those were some of my favorites! xx

  • Olivia Whalen

    Loved this! I’m definitely going to have to check out the posts that you mentioned!

  • Thanks so much for sharing, lady! You’re the sweetest. So glad you liked that post. I just…. really wanted to say a lot of those things for a long, long time! HAHA! xx

    • You are so welcome! I loved your post and wanted to share it! That’s the best place to do it! xx

  • What a fun series! I love finding new links and reading fun new things… I follow Husbands of Insta and die at every photo! Hilarious! Happy Friday 🙂

    Brittany 🙂

    • Thanks, girl! I am really excited about it! OMG, so funny! xx

  • Love this post! Thanks for sharing that blogging post and love the bag that you shared on Insta. Thanks for sharing all your passions and ideas!

    • Thanks, Kathrine! I’m so glad you liked it! xx