Gift Guide: The Best Hostess Gifts

With this week being Thanksgiving, the holidays are officially here and so are the parties. If you’re going to a special Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or other holiday party and need host or hostess gifts, and a bottle of wine, just isn’t enough, then read on. Because this is the official kick start to my gift guides for 2017 and first up is a round up of hostess gifts that you can bring to a party.

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  1. This would make the perfect Friendsgiving hostess gift and be something fun to do during the party.
  2. These Grapefruit soaps + hand lotions would make anyone’s day.
  3. These come in all letters, so you decide if you want to do first or last names. Or future last names! To make this a little more fun, I’d grab a hot chocolate, tea or coffee mix and add that in too.
  4. These mitts are so cute and fun! Again, grab a brownie or cookie mix to put with this one to make it more special and one-of-a-kind.
  5. Obsessed with this cute little gift!
  6. No party is complete without these.
  7. If you going to bring a bottle of wine you may as well grab a fun bag like this one for it.
  8. I can attest first hand that these candies are SO good!!
  9. With either of these two gifts, grab your favorite cheeses or charcuteries and add that to the gift.
  10. Same with this one.
  11. These glasses were just too pretty to leave out!

What are your favorite hostess gifts to bring? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading!

xoxo, Hillary

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  • Greta Hollar

    I’d love any of these if I was hosting a holiday party. Great picks!

  • Isn’t that adorable!? I thought it was a fun and different kind of gift! Thanks, Cristina! xx

  • I never show up to a party empty-handed! I’m glad you found some things you liked! Thanks, Megan! xx

  • Ruthie Ridley

    So many goodies! Love your picks!!

  • FashionFriesX FashionFriesX

    I loved reading this post! So many great tips!!! Thanks for sharing !

    • Thanks, girl! I’m so glad it was helpful! xx

  • SO many good picks! I want them all!

  • SO many great hostess gifts! I love the tic tac toe shot glasses… so fun!


    • Thanks, girl! Isn’t that fun? xx

  • This is such a great gift list! I have friends who throw holiday parties consistently who would love these items!

    • Aw yay! I’m glad you found it helpful! Thanks! xx

  • Sarah Lindner

    Such cute gift ideas! I just found out what a hostess gift was last week hehe

    Sarah Lindner

    • Thanks, girl! Haha, no worries! I always take a least a bottle of wine or flowers when I go to a party. But these are just a little something extra! xx

  • Kylie Kreischer

    These are such good gift ideas!! LOVE #9! They looks so elegant!

  • JaciScott Dixon

    Great Ideas! I may have to get some for myself…..

  • Love all these gift suggestions! I want those copper glasses. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Hillary!

    • Aren’t those cute!? Thanks, Kathrine, you too, my friend! xx