An Easy and Affordable Casual Fall Outfit + Where I’ve Been Lately

It’s been radio silent around these parts lately and that’s mostly due to my health. I feel like I’ve talked ad nauseam on here about my various health conditions, exhibit A. So, if you’re over it and not wanting to hear any more about it, then skip this party and read on, I promise I won’t be offended! I get tired of hearing about it, myself, and I live it! LOL


An Easy and Affordable Casual Fall Outfit by Illinois fashion blogger Style in a Small Town

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I talked briefly on Instagram stories before about my fibromyalgia and one of the reasons I’m talking about it on here is because I was blown away by the responses I got regarding it. I had followers message me and tell me that their mother, sister, brother, etc. had it and that they did X to help them. Or just an overwhelming number of people wishing me well and sending good vibes!

So00, the only reason that I’m talking about this is not to garner sympathy, but to hopefully help out someone else who may be suffering from this debilitating condition and let them/you/your friend/loved one, etc, know that you’re not alone.


An Easy and Affordable Casual Fall Outfit by Illinois fashion blogger Style in a Small Town

An Easy and Affordable Casual Fall Outfit by Illinois fashion blogger Style in a Small Town


I’ll make this as short as I possibly can…It started on Friday, October, 13th <– I didn’t even think about it being Friday the 13th! Anyways, I started to have pain in my thighs and then the next day, my arms. You know that really weak and tired feeling you get when you’ve run for a long time or done a really strenuous leg or arm workout and your legs and arms feel like jello? Ya, exactly like that, except for 27 days straight and with a deep, constant pain.

I tried everything, masssages, chiropractic care, heating pads, my heating blanket (thanks mom and dad!), medicines, different medicines, yoga, essential oils…I even tried a float room. I can talk more about that in another post, if you’d like. Nothing was making my arms or legs stop hurting. They constantly were in pain every hour of every day.



An Easy and Affordable Casual Fall Outfit by Illinois fashion blogger Style in a Small Town

An Easy and Affordable Casual Fall Outfit by Illinois fashion blogger Style in a Small Town


Some of you may know that I work in IT, so for my day job I’m at a computer all day long. When I would get home at night, this little blog of mine that I really love to do, was the exact last thing that I wanted to do. I just didn’t have the strength to do it. There were times when my hands hurt so bad that I couldn’t even write. My writing looked like a 90-year-old woman’s handwriting, not so legible, even to me and I was constantly exhausted. I had read somewhere, recently, that Lady Gaga had postponed the rest of her tour due to a fibromyalgia flare-up. At the time, the longest flare-up I’d gone through was 3 days. I had no idea that a flare-up could last this long. To me, a flare-up is something that happens quickly and goes away quickly. Wow, was I wrong.

Fast forward to today and I’m finally starting to feel some relief. I’m not 100% but any kind of relief, no matter how small, I’ll gladly take. So what is the moral of this story? I don’t have one. Fibromyalgia is not a condition (or disability) that is very well known or for that matter well researched. In fact, only recently has it been accepted as a real health condition and not just something that was “in your head.” In case you are still in that camp, I’m here to tell you that it is a real thing, because I’ve definitely felt its effects.

I hope that none of you are suffering in this way, but if you are, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m a big believer in supporting others and I’d love to help out in any way possible. Even if it’s just to say I know how you feel. I also hope that in bringing this to light that you can be a little more understanding of someone you know who might be suffering the same way I was, in silent. Looking totally “normal” on the outside, but on the inside in excruciating pain that just won’t go away. So please give grace to those who may not look like they don’t feel well but are internally struggling with whatever that may be. I am incredibly lucky to have my doctors, co-workers and friends and family support and love me unconditionally and believe that I actually am in pain and suffering and just want to help in some shape or form. So that’s what I want to be for you.

Ok, story done. Preaching done. On to this fall outfit look…

An Easy and Affordable Casual Fall Outfit by Illinois fashion blogger Style in a Small Town

An Easy and Affordable Casual Fall Outfit by Illinois fashion blogger Style in a Small Town

lace top (sold out, similar and 40% off with code HAPPY!) // jeans (similar and here) // slides // tote // earrings (similar) // belt (great dupe for the Insta-famous Gucci belt!) // sunnies // watch + cuff c/o (use code STYLEINASMALLTOWN to get 15% off one for yourself or for someone else! Would make a great gift!) // ring

Continuing with my posts about trends lately, see here and here for the others. This casual fall outfit contains two of them, is so easy to recreate and at any price point. The piece de resistance is, however, these classic slides. Mule slides are a big trend this fall, I’m sure you’ve seen them around. These are my favorites because they are super comfy and extremely affordable. They also come in silver and because it’s starting to get cold, I feel like I need these too!

Unfortunately, this top is sold out, but this one is super similar and 40% off right now, so it makes it even more affordable! Or there is this option.

This casual fall outfit is easy to put together with items that are both affordable and versatile and will be able to be worn for some time.

As always, thanks for reading!

xoxo, Hillary

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  • Thank you for being so candid about everything. Love always seeing your bright & smiling face!


    • You’re so sweet, thanks for reading, Alice! xx

  • Jamaria Johnson

    Thank you for sharing! I’m glad you now know what was going on with you and you’re getting a little relief. Love your outfit too, btw!

    Jamaria |

    • Thank you, Jamaria! I am finally feeling some relief. xx

  • That top is stunning!! I love it!


  • Nita Mann

    I’m loving that lace top!

  • That lace top looks so elegant and stunning on you!
    I hope you heal sooner, sending all the good vibes to you! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Ankita! xx

  • Lana Spencer Alton

    Have you ever experienced weight gain due to your medical conditions and/or medications! I have Lupus and Sjogren’s Syndrome. I occasionally have to take steroids, which has contributed to a twenty pound weight gain over the past four months. 😳. Any suggestions on dressing to disguise fluctuating weight?

    Healing hugs being sent your way.

    • Hi Lana, I’m sorry I’m just seeing this now. I did experience that when I was diagnosed with my UC because I was on Prednisone for so long, but after I got off of it, the weight started to come off. I’m so sorry to hear that you have Lupus and Sjogren’s. My doctors have tested me several times for Sjogren’s because I have all of the symptoms but the tests come out negative every time.

      As far as dressing to disguise weight fluctuations, I like to wear peplum tops because it gives you the illusion of a waist and is still cute. Also, high-waisted jeans are a must! They are my go-to jeans whenever I’m feeling overweight and don’t want anything to hang over my jeans. Now that it’s sweater season, if you live somewhere where it’s cold, pullovers and cardigans are great at disguising weight too. If you have any other specific questions feel free to message me back or email me at and I’d be happy to help you! Sending you lots of healing vibes and hope that you start to feel better! xx

  • Perfect casual fall outfit! Love that sweet top. And everyone deserves a break lady! Sending good vibes your way!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • Thanks, Laura Leigh! You’re so sweet! xx

  • I love this outfit! And I’m sending lots of good positive vibes your way!

    Xo, Steph

    • Thank you, Steph! That means a lot! xx

  • This is such a pretty top! I love the detail of it and you are so gorgeous!!

    cute & little

    • You are too kind, Kileen! Thank you so much! xx

  • Sending good vibes your way doll! You do look incredibly beautiful! I love your SMILE and style! xo

    • Aw, thank you, Debbie! You’re so sweet, that means so much to me! xx

  • Michelle Zavodny

    I adore that top! I need that for work!

    • Yes you do! Thanks, Michelle! xx

  • So sorry that you have been feeling so bad lately. Thanks for sharing your story. You are definitely touching lives by putting it out there. I will continue praying. I adore this top! It’s perfectly paired with this jeans.

    • It’s been a little rough lately. Thank you, Kathrine! That means a lot! xx